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"Instant tightening, minimized the pores and made my skin super super smooth. I am using it day and night for extra result." Ayesha Babar Patel

Youth Activating Instant Filler

5 individually packed fillers (3 ml each)

A non-invasive cosmeceutical grade serum that instantly lifts the skin and significantly reduces the appearance of wrinkles. The advanced formulation delivers this filler-like effect with a scientifically proven combination of novel patented Hyaluronic Acid technology, NAD and collagen-boosting botanical extracts.

  • Instant lifting and skin tightening effect.
  • Smoothens the appearance of fine lines instantly.
  • Breathes new life to your complexion.
  • Deeply moisturises your skin.

* No needles required!


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Age Gracefully.

Flash Filler Effect

Patented Hyaluronic Acid technology instantly delivers a hydration boost to address fine lines and sagging skin. Within 60 minutes, skin is visibly more taut and with a dramatic reduction of fine lines.

Effective Moisture Retention

Because of its small molecular size, Sodium Acetyl Hyaluronate is able to sink deeper into the skin and deliver a moisture boost at a deep cellular level. The ingredient is also able to retain moisture more effectively than regular hyaluronic acid. After use, skin is evidently more hydrated and will remain wrinkle-free for longer.

Improved Elasticity

Contains a special blend of silanetriol and rhamnose that replenishes the skin’s natural silicium content. Supported by NAD, this collagen-boosting mechanism prevents skin sagging by improving skin elasticity and resilience.

Firms and Tightens

The formula depends on a powerful combination of hydrolysed plant biopolymers and rhizobian and acacia gums to provide the skin with skin firming benefits. Skin lifting effects are observed in as soon as 60 minutes. Expect fewer wrinkles and significantly lifted skin after consistent use.

Proven Results

*Test results obtained from a user experience survey on 23 participants after a one-time application of Youth Activating Instant Filler.
**Test results obtained from a user experience survey on 23 participants after 14 days of using Youth Activating Cream Concentrate, SuperNAD Youth Activating Facial Sheet Mask, and Youth Activating Instant Filler.

All You Need To Know.

The Youth Activating Instant Filler is a scientifically proven treatment formulated with a patented hyaluronic acid technology, NAD and collagen-boosting botanical extracts to effectively deliver hydrating, energising and firming benefits. At a deep cellular level, these ingredients aids in maintaining the skin's structural integrity resulting in miraculous filler-like effects such as wrinkle reduction and improved radiance. Used regularly, the formula helps to strengthen the skin’s building blocks, allowing you to look younger for longer.

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Key Ingredients

Sodium Acetyl Hyaluronate


  • Instantly delivers intense hydration that lasts all day
  • Improves skin radiance
  • Visibly diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Silanetriol and Rhamnose Blend


  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Noticeably reduces wrinkle volume and depth
  • Maintains healthy skin integrity

Rhizobian and Acacia Gums


  • Effectively delivers an instant lifting effect
  • Visibly tightens and contours the skin
  • Powerful moisture retaining effect



  • Greatly reduces skin sensitivity
  • Supports cellular repair
  • Energises skin at a deep cellular level

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How To Use

Step 1: For each syringe, dispense ⅓ product on to clean and dry hands.
Step 2: Gently spread the product evenly across the face, concentrating on areas such as the forehead, under eyes and marionette lines.

Avoid facial movements until fully absorbed by the skin.
Day Time: For best results, apply before sunscreen and makeup.
Night Time: Use on its own to achieve maximum lifting results for first 7 days.

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Clean Label

Cruelty Free

Scientifically Formulated



Clean Label

Cruelty Free

Scientifically Formulated


User Feedback

Why Choose Us?


One box of Invity’s Youth Activating Instant Filler contains five syringes, each filled with 3ml of formula. The treatment is non-invasive, hence there are no needles involved at all. For proper use of this topical formula, simply follow the directions on the box or on our website.

A face serum is typically a potent formula that is packed with active ingredients to treat your personal skin concerns. It is often used before applying your moisturiser. In this case, the Youth Activating Instant Filler is used as a treatment to instantly refresh your complexion by targeting fine lines, sagging skin and dullness. The scientifically-backed formula also helps to improve your skin’s quality on an intracellular level, so your skin will only get better over time with regular use.

Yes, you can. Allow the filler to dry completely prior to applying sunscreen/makeup.

The product’s deep hydrating and skin-strengthening formula is suitable for all skin types.

The fast-absorbing lightweight formula has a cooling gel-like consistency and is free of oils. As the formula absorbs into the skin and dries up, it delivers a tightening effect which lifts the skin. The novel Patent-pending Hyaluronic Acid technology plumps up the skin cells with hydration, filling up any fine lines and wrinkles as a result. Unless you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the Youth Activating Instant Filler, the formula should not cause any sensitivity or breakouts. If unsure, check with a trained professional first.

We highly recommend using the Youth Activating Instant Filler in your morning routine before your sunscreen/makeup and using the SuperNAD Youth Activating Facial Sheet Mask in your evening routine.

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews

Loved this serum! Unlike other similar products that have a cream-like texture, this serum is absorbed quickly into the skin. It also doesn’t ‘ball up’ if applying makeup afterwards, like other products.

Kelly Yeo

Youth Activating Instant Filler

Lois Werner
Youth activating instant filler

Haven’t noticed any difference

Tan Priscilla
Instantly tightens skin!

This is amazing! I have been using it for a few weeks now and it always tightens my skin after the product is absorbed. Tip is to gently tap it in. Love this!

Catherine Miller
Not so young - like the results

I have mature skin, age 70+, and like the results of the Youth Activating Instant Filler - wrinkles do not completely disappear, after there’s more small lines, but clearly they are diminished. I’ll reorder!