Eugene He, Founder

“We're living longer, but not necessarily better"

With the support of our community scientists, our mission is to redefine lifespan through scientific nutrition to make longevity achievable for everyone in our lifetime. Scientists now believe we may cure ageing in our lifetime. We want to keep you as youthful as possible until they do. At the forefront of longevity and anti-ageing research is a compound called Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN).

NMN is a compound that is converted into NAD+ in the body. NAD + is the battery recharger of the mitochondria, the cellular engines that power every organ in the body from the skin, to the heart, to your liver. The heart has 5,000 mitochondria per heart cell and human brain cells can contain 2,000,000 mitochondria per cell. You want to supply these batteries with as much “juice” as possible. Since NAD+ diminishes in the body as we age, and replenishing it is key in promoting longevity and youth at a cellular level.

Ethics & Ethos

We are proud to stand by our principles because these pillars support the very foundation of our research -
sustainable and effective solutions to defy the impact of time on the human body.

Our Mission

Our mission at INVITY is to bring you the most cutting-edge, science-backed nutritional and cell-restoring formulations that can help humans delay ageing and become their most youthful selves in every way. Together with our community scientists, we are focusing on NAD+, AMPK and Sirtuins pathways to develop novel formulations, like our patent-pending Biosirin, a combination of standardised phytonutrients to help support and protect our body on a cellular level.

Vertical Integration

As a vertically-integrated research company, we have control and visibility of our products from farm-to-tablet (or in our case, farm-to-capsule). We oversee every aspect of production to ensure the safety and efficacy of our products. This ensures that our insistence upon safety and quality is met at every step in the production and supply chain, up to the product being delivered to your door.

Our Contributing Scientists

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