Acne & Blemishes: Do’s and Don’ts for Acne-Free Skin

27th Jun 2024

Acne & Blemishes: Do’s and Don’ts for Acne-Free Skin

Dealing with acne-prone skin and breakouts can be frustrating at any age. Understanding the right way to treat your skin can make a world of difference. In this guide, we’ll break down the do’s and don’ts for achieving clear, acne-free skin. From debunking common myths to providing effective treatment tips, we’re with you on your journey to healthier, happier skin.

Change Your Thinking About Acne Treatment

Now that you know the causes of acne and have identified your acne type, we need to understand how to treat it.

Sometimes our natural instincts lead us in the wrong direction when it comes to acne treatment, and actually make things worse…

Instinct: We should cleanse frequently and vigorously to make our skin less oily, and shiny, right?

Reality check: That’s not a good idea. You’re aggravating the problem.

Instinct: We avoid moisturiser, because it will make our skin oily.

Reality check: Not necessarily. Your skin need moisture. Find a mattifying, oil-free moisturiser.

Instinct: Sunscreen? No, thank you. Who needs greasy skin and acne flare-up wherever we apply it?

Reality check: You really do need sun protection, just find the right – non-greasy – formula.

Now let’s discover what you should and shouldn’t do.

Do’s and Don’ts for Treating Your Acne

DO Be patient. It’s natural to want quick results, but treating acne is a long game and needs consistency.

Remember that the acne you see on the surface has taken a few weeks or even months (in the case of nodular acne and cystic acne) to form in your skin. The reality is that skin rehabilitation with skincare or medication for more severe acne will take two to three months to show significant reduction to more severe acne. For mild acne, skin hygiene and exfoliating treatments should deliver satisfaction quickly.

DON'T Try harsh home remedies and the weird TikTok ‘instant fixes’ out there. They can cause irritation and more harm to the skin, triggering other problems like scarring, sensitivity and hyperpigmentation. We urge you to only follow #DermTok and skincare expert advice.

Our recommendation:

  • For mild to moderate acne, follow our steps below.
  • For more severe acne, put your trust in skin professionals like dermatologists and skincare therapists to help you address the blemishes and underlying causes. This may include medications that are oral (like vitamin-A isotretinoin, antibiotics and hormonal therapies), topical (medical-grade retinoid creams and azelaic acid), light therapies and deeper peels. Our advice below is also important for your follow-up home care.

DO Be gentle. Cleanse gently twice daily with a mild exfoliating cleanser. Aggressive scrubbing may feel like you’re doing the right thing, but it actually strips your protective skin barrier and stimulates your oil-producing glands to produce more sebum, to prevent water loss. We recommend our Youth Activating Cream Cleanser.

DO Treat your acne. Use treatments with ingredients that regulate the amount of sebum produced as well as the quality of the sebum produced. This helps prevent pores becoming blocked - the cause of the vicious cycle of blackheads, whiteheads and pimples.

Look for active ingredients such as retinoids and retinoid alternatives, salicylic acid and alpha-hydroxy acids. These help prevent pores from becoming clogged and improve skin texture and clarity.

You will find gentle retinoids and retinoid alternatives in our Youth Activating Retinoid Serum.

Youth Activating Exfoliating Serum contains gently exfoliating PHA (polyhydroxy acids), and mild AHAs in Youth Activating Cream Cleanser.

Tip: Use retinoids and exfoliating acid serums only at night, and alternate them, with one night of rest in between, to minimise any irritation. And use sunscreen every day.

DO Moisturise. Instead of drying out your skin, an oil-free moisturiser, like our Youth Activating Microemulsion, can help keep skin hydrated and comfortable, as well as strengthening the all-important skin barrier.

DO Use sun protection. It's a must! It is crucial for acne care as protection from ultraviolet, infrared, and visible light helps prevent burning and hyperpigmentation.

  • Ingredients like exfoliating acids and retinoids can make the skin sun sensitive, so it burns easily and is more vulnerable to sun damage.
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is dark marks that pop up as a result of inflammation on newly healed blemishes. They can last longer than the acne itself, but mostly fade eventually, unless exposed to UV. Look for a smart, mineral-based sunscreen that is lightweight, non-greasy and is absorbed quickly, leaving a shine-free and non-ashy finish. Our Youth Activating Invisible Mineral Sunscreen is a best seller for good reason.
  • DO Watch your diet. Studies show a high-glycaemic diet is associated with acne, as we mentioned in our Acne and Blemishes story. Moderation is key; a balanced, healthy diet can benefit your skin.

    DON’T Pick at your pimples. There’s no right way to pop a pimple. Popping or squeezing can drive the inflammation deeper and cause permanent scarring. Resist the temptation and use a treatment instead. If you do need something extracted, let the skincare professionals do it.

    DON’T use heavy make-up. Applying a layer of heavy make-up to cover your blemishes may give you some comfort, but occlusion (blocking your pores) may make your acne worse. You can get good cover without this happening.

    • Look for products with ‘non-comedogenic’ or ‘won’t block pores’ on the label.
    • Layer on a lighter, breathable foundation and concealer where needed. Apply with clean hands or a brush to avoid contamination.

    Kickstart Your Journey to Clear Skin

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    Keep the Faith

    We hope you’ve found this advice useful. Please be patient and gentle, and take comfort in knowing that acne doesn’t have to be a life sentence. Even the most challenging acne cases will improve with the right treatment.

    Wishing you healthy, happy skin days!