Activating your skin’s youthful health: Anything but routine

Posted by Invity on 23rd Oct 2023

Activating your skin’s youthful health: Anything but routine

Activating your skin’s health, beauty and youthful future should be anything but routine. We take you from the essential skincare you need daily to the specialist additions that help up your beauty diva game. 

After all, if you take care of your skin from your youth, you’ll reap handsome skin dividends in later years. Where do I start activating my skin’s youthful appearance, health and happiness, you ask? Let us guide you step-by-step.

But first, a basic lesson in skin

We’re all born with a skin type – normal (think ‘Goldilocks’ skin…not too anything, just right). Then there’s skin that’s oily, combination, dry (produces not enough oil) or extremely dry (eczema-prone). And, of course, sensitive skin. It’s pre-programmed by our genes.

Then there’s condition. As our protective frontier against the world, our skin shields our bodies from whatever’s happening on the outside. The sun’s UV rays, city pollution, change of season (heat and cold, wind, etc.) can all attack our skin’s barrier. This is the invisible shield on the surface of our skin that’s our vital protector against irritants getting in and water escaping. And these attacks can leave chinks in its armour.

Meanwhile, on the inside… There's other input that can mess with our skin. Stress, hormones, illness and just ageing can all make it unhappy, and problems start appearing.

These can manifest as dehydration, irritation or reactivity, hyperpigmentation, acne as well as premature ageing – and these can affect any skin type.

Addressing the ages and stages of skin

Our skin’s needs differ every decade, with natural ageing.

The teens and 20s are all about protection against environmental ageing, balancing oil and clearing pores. 

Our 30s are about addressing the first signs of ageing (fine lines and dark spots).

40+ means tackling deeper skin ageing issues, such as declining hormones and collagen and elastin production, as well as increasing dryness, sagging and loss of radiance.

Addressing skin challenges

Our hormones (from a surge in our teens, when pregnant, at menopause, using oral contraceptives, etc.) can cause an acne flare-up or hyperpigmentation – patches of darker pigmentation.

Stress (emotional, physical from illness, overwork, lack of sleep) triggers release of cortisol hormone in our bodies, which can also trigger acne, and/or cause dehydration, irritation and premature ageing. 

These two factors are the main reason we see adult acne continuing well into our 40s.

Change of season can also make our skin oilier and prone to blocked pores in summer, and drier, tighter and more irritated in winter, and so you need to adjust the texture of your product. Lighter fluids in summer, richer creams in winter.

Are you with us? The important thing to take from this is... this means a standard same-old routine you use year-in-year-out is simply not going to cut it. You need to do a check-in on your skin’s current status (blissfully happy/on the outs/it’s complicated) every few weeks to see what’s happening, and then adjust your routine to meet its needs.

The essentials: your daily care

These are the hardworking basics you need to use every day.


Why? It’s important to cleanse your skin, especially at night, to clear away make-up, dull dead skin cells, the day’s dirt and pollution and excess oil. It needs a clean slate to do its best repair work. 

In the a.m., clear away the impurities your skin’s expelled during the night.

What? Always, we mean always, treat your skin super-gently. That means using a cleanser that won’t leave it feeling stripped, dry and tight (oily skins, we’re talking to you!). Using a harsh cleanser is a recipe for disaster as it will leave skin irritated, dehydrated and it will soon become even oilier as it tries to repair its protective barrier. 

A cleanser with gentle exfoliating ingredients will help remove old cells and excess pigment, helping to reveal fresh, youthful, radiant, even-toned skin, as it keeps pores clear. 

Which? Our smart, anti-ageing Youth Activating Cream Cleanser is your one-stop cleansing solution that exfoliates gently to improve skin texture as it clears away makeup and impurities. At the same time, it strengthens and protects the skin barrier as it soothes and hydrates, and balances the skin’s microbiome, to help keep it healthy.

Who is it for? Suitable for all skin types.

Essence or Toner 

Why? Many people skip applying an essence or toner. If you do, you’re missing an important step. It helps to remove any remaining dirt and cleanser residue. More importantly, it helps balance your skin’s pH (so it can function properly), and it’s the priming step that allows treatments to penetrate skin and work more efficiently. 

Which? Our Youth Activating Essence is so much more than a toner. Powered by powerful actives, including our anti-ageing champion NAD, it’s your priming formula for a plumped, moisturised, radiant and youthful complexion.

Who is it for? All skins.


Why? Our skin needs moisture (water) to function and do its job properly. Moisturisers do the vital job of preventing water in our skin evaporating by strengthening the protective barrier and grabbing and holding on to water.

What? We’ve just described the job of a basic moisturiser. Then there are smart moisturisers. Hint: this is the one you want. These formulas contain antioxidants (vitamins A, C and E, co-enzyme Q10, resveratrol, green tea, curcumin, etc.) to help combat environmental ageing. They will also have hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerine and so on, to help boost the skin’s moisture supply. Plus, they will have anti-ageing ingredients, such as cica and NAD.

Which? Youth Activating Microemulsion is your ideal daytime and summertime moisture solution because of its lightweight, non-greasy, water-based texture and its hydrating, protective and skin-strengthening action. It targets visible signs of ageing with concentrated NAD+, soothing cica and antioxidant-rich botanical extracts, for a radiant and healthy-looking complexion.

Who is it for? All skins, including oily and sensitive. 

Which? Youth Activating Cream Concentrate is our powerful, super-pampering, repairing and comforting skin nourisher ideal for use at night and in cold seasons. Its mission is to boost skin regeneration and tackle skin ageing, to restore collagen and help reduce lines and wrinkles. 

Who is it for? All skins, especially mature, dry and sensitive skin.

Eye treatment 

Why? The skin on the eye area is the thinnest on the face, and it’s very mobile. So, it’s usually the first place we show signs of ageing, like fine lines. 

What? Treat it super-gently and don’t tug when applying the treatment. Use your ring finger to pat it on lightly. 

Which? Our Youth Activating Eye Serum is a lightweight yet nourishing serum that packs a powerful mix of vegan bioidentical human elastin, NAD and other botanical extracts. It helps correct signs of tiredness, dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. Its anti-ageing action smooths wrinkles and protects the eye area from sun damage, blue light and further eye bag formation. 

Who is it for? All skins. It should be a regular in your routine from your mid-20s.


Why? The sun’s UV rays are responsible for up to 80% of premature skin ageing. You know… lines, wrinkles, dark spots, sagging and dull, coarse skin. So, sun protection is not negotiable. Sunscreen is essential to keep our skins youthful and healthy. It is our go-to product to avoid unprotected UV exposure during the hottest hours and days.

What? You need a broad screen sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB rays as well as Infra-Red and blue light. Smart sunscreens contain treatment ingredients such as antioxidants, soothing and repairing ingredients. Trust us. You really want one of these! Mineral sunscreens are less likely to cause skin irritation.

Which? Our Youth Activating Invisible Mineral Sunscreen is the smartest of sunscreens, offering unparalleled high-level UVA/UVB mineral protection with SPF 50 PA+++. All this, in an invisible (no white or ashy tones!) lightweight serum texture. NAD, sodium hyaluronate and antioxidant-rich botanicals deliver powerful hydration, protection and soothing benefits. 

Who is it for? All skins, including oily and sensitive.

The skin specialists


Why? Old dead skin cells pile up on its surface, and our natural exfoliation or shedding slows down if it becomes congested or with age. We need to help it along to reveal fresh, new, radiant skin underneath. 

What? We believe in using chemical exfoliators, such as fruit acids (AHA) or salicylic acid to gently ‘melt’ the glue holding the old cells onto skin. 

Which? Our Youth Activating Exfoliating Serum. It delivers sustained exfoliation with gentle poly hydroxy acid (PHA), botanicals, NAD and postbiotic enzymes. It sweeps away pore debris and helps control excess oil. The result: Improved skin renewal, radiance and texture, with refined pores. 

Who’s it for? All skins, but first patch-test if you’re prone to sensitivity. 

Face mask

Why? Who doesn’t love a treatment mask? Its super-concentrated ingredients give your skin a pampering boost of what it needs – hydration, anti-ageing, soothing sensitivity? Yes, please!

Intensely Hydrating Sheet Mask

Which? Our scientifically advanced, age-defying Youth Activating Facial Sheet Mask is a real pampering treat. This facial sheet mask replenishes, hydrates, firms, calms and illuminates skin instantly by activating its natural repair and cellular defence and energy systems.

Who’s it for? All skins.

Overnight Repair Facial Mask

Which? Our last skincare step at night is our leave-on Youth Activating Overnight Mask. Like our other products, it has extra benefits – it not only supercharges your skin’s overnight repair, it helps you get a better night’s sleep, thanks to Immunight™ (French lavandin extract). All while Ectoin, Calcium Chloride, NAD, Cica and other plant extracts enhance skin recovery, boost elasticity and banish signs of fatigue. Wake up refreshed, with a radiant glow.

Who is it for? All skins, especially if you struggle with sleep problems.


Why? Serums are super-intensive treatments that contain the most-effective amounts of active ingredients. Use them for intensive anti-ageing, deeply hydrating, sensitivity-soothing actions. Some are designed as short, sharp shock treatments at change of season, after illness, if you’re exhausted, have an acne breakout, etc. Others, like hyaluronic acid serums, are designed to be used long-term or every day to boost your skin’s hydration and youth.

What? Follow instructions carefully because of the intense concentration of ingredients, especially if they contain exfoliating ingredients, which can make your skin sun sensitive. Only use these at night.

Line-Smoothing Serum

Which? Our multi-award-winning Youth Activating Instant Filler. Who needs needles when our non-invasive, cosmeceutical-grade serum instantly lifts skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles significantly? New, patented Hyaluronic Acid technology, NAD and collagen-boosting botanical extracts deliver an immediate skin-lifting, tightening and filler-like effect as they moisturise deeply.

Who is it for? All skins, including oily and sensitive.

Youth-Activating Serum

Which? Our powerful, anti-ageing oil serum, Youth Activating Retinoid Serum, combines both non-irritating, stable vitamin-A retinoid and retinoid-like plant ingredients in a concentrated-yet-soothing formulation. Its scientifically validated anti-ageing benefits: helping to reduce lines, loss of elasticity, age spots and adult acne blemishes, as it refines skin texture and makes skin look brighter and less tired. 

Simultaneously, our blend of soothing plant extracts and oils calm inflammation and redness, strengthen the skin barrier and provide long-lasting hydration.

Who is it for? All skins, including acne-prone, mature, dry and sensitive. Stronger together, use our Magic Overnight Duo. for even more powerful results.

The super-specialists

Proceed with caution… We’re venturing into professional territory here, so you need to do your homework about which are best (in quality and effectiveness). And follow usage instructions carefully. Don’t think that less is more!

Skin rollers

These are DIY micro needling/dermal rollers. As you roll them over your skin, their very fine needles punch tiny holes in your skin’s horny layer (layer of protective dead skin cells). This allows product to penetrate more easily, and can stimulate skin renewal. 

IPL masks

They may look a bit Phantom of the Opera, but these masks can help address all sorts of skin issues, from general rejuvenation, soothing redness and irritation to acne. Intense Pulsed Light in different colours or wavelengths targets different depths of skin. Use the right one to target your concerns. 

Facial toning tools

You might use a low-tech gua sha tool, which massages your skin tissue to promote circulation and drainage as it relaxes tension. Just go gently. The high-tech options use galvanic current to contract and relax skin muscles. Think of it as ‘face gym’. They toning muscles to help prevent loss of firmness, or improve sagging skin contours.

All set to get glowing?

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