Earth Month 2024: Invity's journey to sustainability

Posted by Invity on 24th Apr 2024

Earth Month 2024: Invity's journey to sustainability

At Invity, sustainability isn't just a buzzword – it is the guiding principle in everything we do.

We are committed to sustaining healthy longevity and beauty for you, our planet and our business.

Earth Month is the ideal time to reflect on our commitment to the planet and the great strides we're taking towards achieving 100% sustainability.

Protecting Nature, Preserving Beauty

Our actions are influenced by nature. We draw our inspiration from the Earth, and everything we do passes through a sustainability and ethical-to-nature filter. 

We are working hard to ensure that our ingredients, production methods, behaviours, and innovation strategies diminish our environmental impact significantly, towards our goal of becoming 100% sustainable.

What do we mean by sustainability?

Sustainability aims to maintain balance and harmony between human activities and the natural environment over the long term. ‘It refers to practices or actions that meet our current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs,’ Invity Senior Formulator Priya V. explains, ‘This involves considering environmental, social, and economic impacts to ensure that resources are used responsibly and efficiently.’

These activities include sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, conservation efforts, responsible consumption, and much more.

Our vertical integration model - from R&D to finished product - ensures we have control over transparency and consistency in all aspects of the production of our products. This includes an emphasis on the efficient and prudent use of natural resources such as energy, raw materials and water.

Nature-Inspired Science, Sustainable Innovation

While we may not yet be 100% sustainable, our journey towards that goal is propelled by cutting-edge scientific formulations that are guided by nature at every step.

Why do we use natural ingredients?

We use plant extracts where these are necessary and appropriate, because this is the best ingredient for the formula and for your skin.

Our sourcing practices reflect our deep respect for the environment. The plant ingredients we use are not endangered, and are sourced from certified ethical growers.

This means the plants we use are harvested responsibly, with a commitment to replenishing what we take.

It’s important to note that ‘most natural compounds are not in a suitable form for cosmetic applications and must be modified,’ Priya V. points out.

What are bioidentical ingredients, and why do we use them?

‘Bioidentical ingredients are substances that are identical in molecular structure to those naturally occurring in the human body,’ Priya V. explains.

These are synthesised (created) in a laboratory, and the term "bioidentical" emphasises the similarity between these synthesised substances and those produced by the body.

‘In skincare, these may include substances like ceramides, hyaluronic acid or peptides, which closely resemble the compounds naturally present in the skin,’ Priya continues.



'Most natural compounds are not in a suitable form for cosmetic applications and must be modified'

Invity Senior Formulator, Priya V.

What are the benefits of bioidentical ingredients?

‘These ingredients are believed to be more compatible with the skin and may offer benefits such as improved hydration, elasticity, barrier repair, overall skin health, and anti-ageing effects, while minimising the risk of irritation or adverse reactions,’ she explains.

Our lab-created ingredients are created using green chemistry and biotechnology principles. This allows us to create high-quality and safe substitutes for petrochemical ingredients with great skincare.

Every product is a testament to our dedication to ethical sourcing and innovation.

Our product manufacturing

When it comes to manufacturing, we choose partners that practice sustainable production.

‘For instance,’ Priya V. explains, ‘One of our Swiss manufacturers uses 100% electricity from renewable hydroelectric power. The site is supplied with district heating from the Buchs waste incineration plant. They use groundwater for an environmentally friendly cooling process.’

By 2025, the manufacturer’s targets are to:

  • Increase energy efficiency by 10%
  • Increase the share of renewable energy to 98%
  • Reduce CO₂ intensity by 30%
  • Reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Scope 1+2 by 30%
  • Reduce water consumption by 60%
  • They are also targeting waste management with less incinerated waste, as well as producing energy from waste, from incineration and a biocompost gas plant.
  • As responsible employers, 40% of leadership positions are occupied by women
  • Raw material sourcing - sourcing as locally as possible to avoid long delivery routes
  • Packaging - 100% is recyclable

What about our packaging?

We are working to reduce our packaging, as well as ensuring that our packaging is recyclable or reusable. More exciting news very soon.

What we can all do to support Earth Month and Earth Day 2024

There is much we all can do to become responsible consumers:

  • Diarise today, April 22 – Global Earth Day, as an annual event. Every year, plan your efforts to show the Earth some love, if you don’t already. Integrating these gestures into your daily life is simple and will soon become a habit.
  • Take a look at and choose one of their initiatives. For instance, Find or plan a cleanup near you.
  • Try to avoid single-use plastics and products with excessive packaging, where you can. At Invity, we’re constantly striving to reduce our packaging and to find sustainable solutions for everything we do. Watch this space for our news.
  • Don’t put your plastics, metals and paper products in the garbage. Try to get as much of your waste as possible into the recycling system. Or find ways to reuse or upcycle them.
  • Eat less animal protein such as meat, fish and dairy, and choose vegetables that are grown under organic principles - renewable, locally grown and chemical pesticide-free.
  • Your organic waste can be composted to make beautiful, rich soil for your plants. Or donate it to a composting programme and help feed those in need. Then buy back the rich compost to support these initiatives and build your own bit of Eden at home.
  • Speak to friends and family about ways we can all contribute to sustaining the longevity and beauty of our precious planet, for ourselves and for future generations. Every little gesture helps.

Here’s to a greener future for all of us.